Monday, August 30, 2010


Just returned home from visiting my grandmother in FL. Dillards was very good to us. Love getting two pairs of shoes for less than the price of one. I’m hoping this means I didn’t jinx myself for my next visit. We got all the errands done. I didn’t get to write as much as I planned but spending time with her and hearing all about family history make playing catch up well worth it. Definitely book fodder which is a bonus.

But I forgot to load the software on the doohickey that I plug in for wireless access when I can’t find a wireless network. No Internet. I tried using my phone to connect with my web access. The polite way to put it was that it was not user friendly. I get points for not destroying my phone out of frustration. However, it probably will go to the phone afterlife since I’m due for an upgrade.

In the big scheme of things, lacking Internet access wasn’t a big deal. I panicked a little until I realized the boyfriend could check me in for my flight home. Kudos since he did a great job getting me a good seat. Silly, but I like checking in the minute they let you so you don’t end up squished in a middle seat next to the bathroom in the back of the plane.

Four days without blogs, Facebook, Google, yahoo, e-mail, etc. It was strangely refreshing. I may have to try it again sometime. Now I’m going to try to spend one hour catching up and leave for tomorrow anything I don’t finish. This little unintended experiment demonstrated I could survive unplugged and perhaps I could successfully limit myself to an hour in the morning and in the night so I have more time for other things.


  1. Last winter we lost power for a day and a half. I went nuts without the computer. I was as bad as my children without their electronic lifelines. I'm hopelessly addicted.

  2. What doohickey? I have Wifi on the new Kindle and didn't realize I couldn't download straight from the computer. I've been to Starbucks twice already! (Not that I wouldn't have gone, anyway, but still.) If there's some magic doohickey you can use instead, please share! Today, there was a sign in the elevator in the Law & Order courthouse at 60 Centre Street that they had Wifi. But I had the Sony on me. And I've downloaded like 53 things onto the Kindle. So I have mass quantities of reading to do before I download more!

  3. Glad to see you're multi-tasking the Starbucks visits! My computer has wireless built in but if there's no network I can connect to, I plug this thing (doohickey) in - it's about the size of a jump drive - and magically I have wireless after logging on to Verizon's software.

  4. Have been without internet access just this spring for almost a week. Life was definitely boring during that time.

  5. I was without my Blackberry for a week while I waited for my new one!