Monday, August 30, 2010


Just returned home from visiting my grandmother in FL. Dillards was very good to us. Love getting two pairs of shoes for less than the price of one. I’m hoping this means I didn’t jinx myself for my next visit. We got all the errands done. I didn’t get to write as much as I planned but spending time with her and hearing all about family history make playing catch up well worth it. Definitely book fodder which is a bonus.

But I forgot to load the software on the doohickey that I plug in for wireless access when I can’t find a wireless network. No Internet. I tried using my phone to connect with my web access. The polite way to put it was that it was not user friendly. I get points for not destroying my phone out of frustration. However, it probably will go to the phone afterlife since I’m due for an upgrade.

In the big scheme of things, lacking Internet access wasn’t a big deal. I panicked a little until I realized the boyfriend could check me in for my flight home. Kudos since he did a great job getting me a good seat. Silly, but I like checking in the minute they let you so you don’t end up squished in a middle seat next to the bathroom in the back of the plane.

Four days without blogs, Facebook, Google, yahoo, e-mail, etc. It was strangely refreshing. I may have to try it again sometime. Now I’m going to try to spend one hour catching up and leave for tomorrow anything I don’t finish. This little unintended experiment demonstrated I could survive unplugged and perhaps I could successfully limit myself to an hour in the morning and in the night so I have more time for other things.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lost: Summer. If Found Please Return ASAP.

Maybe it is me. (Really, it’s OK to agree. I won’t be offended.) Traffic to work is already starting to return to fall-like volume, Halloween candy is on display and weather is cold and rainy. Perhaps if I were meeting up with McDreamy I wouldn’t mind. Delusional but humor me. I want more time to enjoy deck weather. Instead of jumping from one weather extreme to the other. Ironically, my friends with kids couldn’t wait for school to start are now complaining about having to help with homework. Note: I am very grateful I don’t have to help with homework but can just contribute cool school supplies.

This leaves me wondering where did summer go? I had all these grand plans and in reality have only accomplished about ½ of my list. I.e. book stuff, house sprucing: aka touch up paint and finish organizing, host BBQs, etc. Maybe there is still time since Fall officially doesn’t start until Sept. 22. I better get cracking. Hope you all enjoying your summer. What is left on your summer to do list?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Get This Party Started!

Welcome. Grab a drink, an app, mingle.

Summer is winding down, BBQs are in full force and some are already planning tailgates. I haven’t plan housewarming yet as there are still a few things to do before the unveiling. Right now I should be working on my book. Instead, I’m thinking of food: burgers, pizza, lobster bakes.

I was traumatized by a recipe that involved brown rice pizza - the brown rice served as the crust and featured the typical pizza toppings. I’ll pass, I'm already on brown rice overload – think of it as more for those who may love brown rice pizza. Which leads me to … what is your favorite type of party food?