Friday, August 20, 2010

Get This Party Started!

Welcome. Grab a drink, an app, mingle.

Summer is winding down, BBQs are in full force and some are already planning tailgates. I haven’t plan housewarming yet as there are still a few things to do before the unveiling. Right now I should be working on my book. Instead, I’m thinking of food: burgers, pizza, lobster bakes.

I was traumatized by a recipe that involved brown rice pizza - the brown rice served as the crust and featured the typical pizza toppings. I’ll pass, I'm already on brown rice overload – think of it as more for those who may love brown rice pizza. Which leads me to … what is your favorite type of party food?


  1. i like your mozerella and tomato salad.

  2. Margarita's count as food and I'll have to make sure to make the salad when you guys come over!

  3. Geez, way to tell people you're blogging!

    Lobster bake, I'm there.

    Hold the brown rice pizza.