Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flintstones … meet the Flintstones …

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite cartoons!  I realize my love stems from reruns. I could watch hours of Fred and Barney and their antics. I admit I haven’t seen the motion picture out of fear. Fear that yet again Hollywood butchered another one of my favorite Hanna Barbara cartoons.  Seriously, I could watch Hanna Barbara Cartoons all day.
We have a plethora of ornaments at my parents. We’re at the point of rotating them but every year I hunt through boxes upon boxes just to find Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty. The tree isn’t the same without them. I’m excited to learn now there are DVDs! If Google is celebrating the Flintstones, maybe they’ll be some cool merchandise to add to the collection …
What's your favorite cartoon?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I love airports. (Not to be confused with airlines who charge obscene fares, strand you on airplanes, bad food or charge you for bags.)

Airports provide fodder: people watching, conversations with random people – I must have the sign on since usually they reveal things, most people wouldn’t tell friends. Not to mention time to write and edit without the usual interruptions or distractions. I’ve somewhat made peace (used very loosely) with Newark: use off-site parking and Terminal C is better than A (more food and shopping options). In the rare instance I can check a bag, plan on an extra hour for baggage if on Continental. Charlotte, Orlando and Tampa are my favorites for food and shopping and free Internet.

Next week I need to go to Boston and will end up on Amtrak. While it will take longer than flying hopefully I will make good use of the time. Either way, it beats driving.

What’s your preferred method of transportation?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nonpaying tenants

If you had to choose from the following, which would you like to come home to?
A.      Bats
B.      Mice
C.      Birds
D.      None of the above is not a option
I came home to boyfriend walking up to me and announcing we had nonpaying tenants. A brief panic set in. I refer to bats, mice and other grossness as nonpaying tenants.  Fortunately, he wasn’t referring to bats which migrate and are expensive to remove ($14k at sorority house) so it’s like they’re charging you rent. Or mice. Seriously, I don’t think I could tell my parents I was moving home. Yes, I actually moved out of my meticulously clean apartment and paid rent until my lease ended since I refused to get a fury feline creature. And all my messy neighbors had one.
Birds, not of Hitchcock’s variety, entered through the living room AC. Boyfriend removed (safely), cleaned up after and removed their portal.  Thank no name birds for not destroying any of the furniture and for vacating the premises before my arrival. Please note your new location should be the bird feeder in the back yard.
Maybe next time I’ll come to hear about the rabbits eating the garden or the bear that took a bite out of garbage can a few weeks ago. Seriously, I could get on board with the bear. Yes, I realize they can be dangerous creatures but they’re so cute.  They wouldn’t have to pay rent. It could live in the yard. Note, if the other nonpaying tenants offered rent, the answer is still no – there are no vacancies.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garden Variety

Spring reaped strawberries. Shortcake, tossed in salads, topped on ice cream, even plain. I remembered to freeze some future use in baked goods or beverages – smoothies or ones featuring umbrellas. Take your pick. The strawberry patch was a nice bonus that came with the house. Since well houses usually feature "surprises" not to be confused with "prizes."

We decided to try our hand at vegetables. We started small since we spent the spring replacing the roof. It is bad enough the garden contends with us forgetting to water it, adding tossed shingles to the mix was just too cruel. The menu now features tomatoes, oregano basil and peppers. I think we lost the zucchini to the frost. We don’t discuss it since I told him it was too early to plant the little plants we started inside. He opted to listen to the weather forecast. The beets survived. Boyfriend wanted beets. He will get to eat them. I’m applying my lobster theory: he doesn’t like lobster = more for me. I don’t like beets = more for him.

So far we’ve made sauce. I don’t think we’ll harvest enough bounty to freeze for the winter. Next year, I want to try lettuce, cucumbers, sting beans, maybe a watermelon or pumpkin. Does anyone else garden and am I missing anything from the list?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Will

The last time I was in a Good Will when I was back in college in desperate need of 70s attire for a sorority party. Note, nothing against Good Will, just I wasn't a fan of 70s clothing when I was little so having to scrounge for it in the 90s wasn't ideal.

But, as my boyfriend says, all the bags of clothing in the back of the car as I try to catch the Salvation Army or Good will isn't "good will" if I'm still driving around with it 3 months later. I know, I know there are those bins but they are usually full. And leaving stuff outside even in trash bags so nothing gets dirty in the bins seems counterproductive.

Fast forward and I discovered a Good Will Store on my way to work. Fancy displays in the windows and it included a donation center. Inside looked like a department store featuring a wide range of men, women's and children's clothing, house wares, books, DVDs, accessories, etc. Including suits and cocktail dresses!Seriously, I could have used that during the 18 month stretch of 26 weddings. Since those dresses are still expensive even if the bride isn't picking your attire. I digress.

More importantly, a packed parking lot meant people were utilizing or contributing to its services. Needless to say, I feel productive since the car is now empty and hopefully, the clothes I dropped off will find a good home. Now to tackle the rest of my weekend to do list!