Monday, September 27, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I love airports. (Not to be confused with airlines who charge obscene fares, strand you on airplanes, bad food or charge you for bags.)

Airports provide fodder: people watching, conversations with random people – I must have the sign on since usually they reveal things, most people wouldn’t tell friends. Not to mention time to write and edit without the usual interruptions or distractions. I’ve somewhat made peace (used very loosely) with Newark: use off-site parking and Terminal C is better than A (more food and shopping options). In the rare instance I can check a bag, plan on an extra hour for baggage if on Continental. Charlotte, Orlando and Tampa are my favorites for food and shopping and free Internet.

Next week I need to go to Boston and will end up on Amtrak. While it will take longer than flying hopefully I will make good use of the time. Either way, it beats driving.

What’s your preferred method of transportation?


  1. Drive. MUST be in control.

    Except when the highways turn into parking lots. Want to bash my head through the windshield then.

  2. I prefer the car but do like planes for long distance journeys.