Monday, September 20, 2010

Nonpaying tenants

If you had to choose from the following, which would you like to come home to?
A.      Bats
B.      Mice
C.      Birds
D.      None of the above is not a option
I came home to boyfriend walking up to me and announcing we had nonpaying tenants. A brief panic set in. I refer to bats, mice and other grossness as nonpaying tenants.  Fortunately, he wasn’t referring to bats which migrate and are expensive to remove ($14k at sorority house) so it’s like they’re charging you rent. Or mice. Seriously, I don’t think I could tell my parents I was moving home. Yes, I actually moved out of my meticulously clean apartment and paid rent until my lease ended since I refused to get a fury feline creature. And all my messy neighbors had one.
Birds, not of Hitchcock’s variety, entered through the living room AC. Boyfriend removed (safely), cleaned up after and removed their portal.  Thank no name birds for not destroying any of the furniture and for vacating the premises before my arrival. Please note your new location should be the bird feeder in the back yard.
Maybe next time I’ll come to hear about the rabbits eating the garden or the bear that took a bite out of garbage can a few weeks ago. Seriously, I could get on board with the bear. Yes, I realize they can be dangerous creatures but they’re so cute.  They wouldn’t have to pay rent. It could live in the yard. Note, if the other nonpaying tenants offered rent, the answer is still no – there are no vacancies.


  1. Hi Yo!
    My sister lives up in a rural area of Sullivan County. They can't put garbage out due to bears. So far she hasn't seen one, but she's seen evidence they've been there. I am NOT a fan of mice or bats. I like birds, but not in my house!

  2. I'd have been screaming out of there in a flash.

    I was a little creeped just losing my fish that time.

  3. I live in Sullivan and seen bears, fox, peacocks, turkey, porcupine - no rabbits - guess the fox takes care of that

    I haven't seen a firefly yet. Maybe it has something to do with the elevation?

  4. Birds are my least favorite of all creatures. I have had them in the house and have cowered in my study with the door closed while someone rids the house of them.

  5. OK, my girlfriend and I roomed together years ago and had the most gorgeous loft apartment in Newburgh. Unfortunately, it had bats and mice and squirrel infestations and flies. WE had the bug guys in so much my girlfriend started dating him. Hang in.